Final Exam Exemptions

 2022-2023 FINAL EXAM EXEMPTION Policy 

Students may choose to opt out of their semester final exams if they meet the following criteria: · 

  • May not have five (5) or more absences (Excused or Unexcused) in a class for the semester. 

    • Medical excuses MUST be submitted within one (1) week of the date(s) of the absence(s).  Documentation MUST include a diagnosis of the illness and specific date(s) the student could not attend school.

    • ALL absences MUST be reported to the school in writing by a parent.  Absences MUST be reported within 48 hours from the day the student returns to school.  Excuse notes received after 48 hours WILL NOT excuse the absence.  Absences NOT calculated in the absence procedure include:

      • Suspensions by school administrator

      • School related absences

      • Absences due to a death in the immediate family

      • Medical appointments with documentation

      • Court appointments with documentation

      • College visits (2 per semester).

  • May not have more than three (3) tardies in any class for the semester.

  • Students EAGLE Time absences and tardy’s will be included for ALL semester final exams.

  • No semester suspensions, violation of the academic dishonesty policy, violations of the acceptable use policy and/or multiple discipline referrals

Note: Missing 11 or more minutes of a class constitutes an absence. 

Students must also meet one of the following academic criteria: · 

  • Minimum grade of 80% in a class OR,

  • Minimum grade of 68% AND no missing assignments or assessments in the class

  • Online students, Online courses, Dual enrollment, or EMC classes are not subject to the semester final exam exemption.