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About Peer 2 Peer Mentoring

Students at Linden High School have the opportunity to regularly engage as a student mentor in a cognitively
impaired/autistic (CI) classroom.  This opportunity is available to students at all grade levels and occurs during
the school day.  Students are trained in strategies that are proven successful for all students.  Students who join
Peer to Peer acquire and pass along the following skills:
  • leadership
  • social
  • academic
  • friendship
Peer to Peer mentors attend the CI classroom during one of their class periods.  This is marked in attendance as
"school-related" and is an excused absence.  Most students attend 3-4 times a month depending on their schedules.  
Prior to attending a CI classroom, the mentor's classroom teacher must agree to the absence.  Missing work and
other classroom responsibilities need to be made up.  When arriving in the CI classroom mentors are introduced
and assigned a group of students to work with during the class period.  Responsibilities range from helping with
a particular assignment to socializing with a student or group.  Positive interaction between peers is critical for all
students to feel part of our school community.
Peer to Peer is a great place for students who seek to be a positive role model and who enjoy working with
people with disabilities.  Students who are interested should see Mrs. Yankley in room F125 for a short
meeting at 7:15 a.m. on Fridays.  Please contact Mrs. Yankley for more information.