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Freshmen Link Assembly

Linden freshmen participated in the second Link assembly of the school year on Thursday, February 9th.  Link leaders and Mrs. Quinlan took the freshmen through a series of activities designed to encourage empathy and compassion and once again emphasize the Link goal of creating an inclusive school climate; this is an anti-bullying assembly.

Students participated in a variety of energizing activities interspersed with metaphorical demonstrations and small-group discussions.  Leaders ran the small-group activities, and Mrs. Quinlan directed the start and stop of those activities as well as the whole-group activities.  (Small groups are 10-11 freshmen with 1-2 Link leaders, and leaders are 11th and 12th graders who have trained 10 hours during the summer, participated in Freshmen Orientation, assembly #1, and classroom lessons.)  The small-group discussion the leaders had with their freshmen was about being kind.  Leaders also discuss methods for combatting generally mean comments, not just the most blatant examples of bullying.  Freshmen are asked to discuss methods such as standing up for someone, talking to an adult, texting the hotline, etc.  The assembly wraps up with a whole-group address that repeats the objectives of the assembly.

The assembly serves LHS in two ways, as does the Link program.  First, the 48 upperclassmen leaders are students who consistently demonstrate the ideals Link is trying to convey to the freshmen, so LHS has 48 extra role models for the youngest members of our school community. The assembly serves to remind leaders of their roles as well as further facilitate their roles through quality time and lessons with their freshmen.  For freshmen, it is important to hear a message from fellow students as well as teachers, and reiteration of Link goals at regular intervals is necessary to encourage the positive school climate we seek to achieve.