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Orientation for the 2018/2019 school year is Monday, August 27th.
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Photo Album

A girl and boy smiling
A group of smiling girls
Female powderpuff football players running onto the field
Boys in athletic warmups standing in a line on a podium
Cheerleaders standing in a line
Three students holding another student dressed as Woody from A Toy Story
Students and interviewers sitting at tables.
Cheering students with news reporter in the center
Two students reading Macbeth
Students in bleachers smiling
Students standing in a classroom
Students standing in a classroom
Students sitting on a television set.
Eagle mascot riding in a convertible car during a parade
Two students riding in a convertible during the homecoming parade
Girl powderpuff players running onto a football field carring the school flag.
Students in the class of 2017 sitting on bleachers having their group picture taken
Smiling student holding promotional information from Oakland University
Teachers participating in a tug-of-war contest
Three students in pajama costumes with hoods.
Student moving with blue flag behind her
Student section in bleachers at a football game
Cheerleaders with pom-poms standing in a line in a gymnasium
Football team walking onto a football field
Quiz Bowl students on a television set
Students working on an assignment in a science classroom
Student writing in a planner
Two students looking at a lab specimen
Students standing in rows in a classroom
A student having her blood pressure checked
Smiling student with hands under her chin
Hockey players behind goal
Students sitting at a table with thumbs up
Powderpuff team running onto a football field with a school flag and eagle mascot
Smiling girl
Teachers participating in a tug-of-war contest
Students sitting in a classroom
Cross country runners racing up a hill
Smiling volleyball players
Students dressed in pajamas
Smiling boy
Cheerleaders in a gymnasium
Teen reading
Smiling students standing along a fence at a football game
Football players standing on a football field
Three students wearing hooded pajamas
Scoreboard with the score home 49, visitors 27
Teachers participating in a tug-of-war game
Students creating clay art pieces
Choir of students singing
Students creating pottery on a pottery wheel
Students sitting at a table
Marching band drum musicians in a line
Smiling male students wearing cross country warmup uniforms
Smiling girl
Students at a pep rally
Female cross country runners on an awards podium
Smiling student in a classroom
Smiling students standing side by side in a library.
Graduates smiling and giving the thumbs up signal
Graduates throwing their caps in the air
Graduates looking at another graduate who is laughing
Students sitting on the floor behind a banner with red and black hand prints
Smiling girl holding up graduation cords.
Student in eagle costume sitting with Michigan State Spartan mascot
Students on television set with eagle mascot behind them
Smiling teen girl helping a young boy cut paper
Smiling girl
Teen girl wearing Christmas sweater helping a young child cut decorate a Christmas bulb
A large group of boys in dress clothes
Teacher in science classroom
Cheerleaders cheering on a mat in a gymnasium
Women basketball players listening to their coach
Students cheering in bleachers
Student using a calculator
Two students smiling
Student smiling with pencil behind his ear
Three young ladies dressed in black and playing flutes
Male volleyball players in red t-shirts
Smiling student carrying a plate of food
Students wearing safety glasses and writing in notebooks
Young man bowling
Cheerleader sitting on the floor
Cheerleaders standing in a gymnasium
Wrestlers with medals standing with their coaches
Parents escorting their student athlete across a gymnasium
Four smiling girls in a crowd sitting on gym bleachers
Basketball scoreboard showing a home victory of 67 to 29
Group of basketball players in black warmups huddled together near the center of the gym floor.
Girl playing drums outside with stocking hat on
Smiling girl with earbuds in ears
Smiling boy in blue sweater
Teachers scooping hundreds of cups of ice cream
Student painting a picture of a fireplace
Two smiling students standing in front of lockers
Closeup of smiling soccer player
Theater students performing on stage
Two students sitting together
Softball player up to bat
Baseball player fielding a ball
Student reading The Importance of Being Earnest
Female soccer player drinking from a water bottle
Male baseball player squinting in the sun
Softball player wearing face mask throwing a softball
Track athlete jumping hurdles
Smiling student
Student solving a math equation on a white board
Boy holding a sign for a girl to read
Women's lacrosse team on field
Student painting on a window
Smiling student sitting with a boy reading
Four smiling students donating blood
Male students standing on a golf course
Students at prom fixing a boutoneirre
Group of smiling students
Smiling student with a cap and gown
Top of decorated graduation cap
Top of decorated graduation cap
Students sitting at graduation ceremony
Top of decorated graduation cap
Top of decorated graduation cap
Student wearing graduation cap and gown
Graduating students in a school hallway
Students throwing graduation caps in the air
Smiling graduates standing in a line
Three smiling male graduates